Hugo Castellanos

I’m Hugo Castellanos. You probably know me as HugoCast from the internet.

I am a Hardware Engineer, Podcaster and Speaker.

I spent a long time in Silicon Valley, mainly doing technical marketing and sales enablement at places like Intel and LinkedIn.

I’ve taught 100+ workshops on personal productivity, systems thinking and networking at tech conferences and universities.

I have a deep interest in personal productivity and building systems that came from being diagnosed with ADHD in my 30s.

I’m Venezuelan-American and have called the US home since 1999.

My current projects include:

  • Conexiones, a podcast about Latinos in the Tech industry. En Español.
  • Latinos Who Tech, a podcast about first-generation professionals in the technology industry. All in English with a Spanglish twist.
  • Hosting an in-person meetup with remote workers in Central Florida.
  • Getting a second degree in Computer Science & Data Analytics through WGU.
  • Coming up with quality icebreakers that can be use in any conversation.
  • Mastering the perfect egg frittata.

I love talking with podcasters and people that think they want to start a podcast. If that’s you, feel free to drop me an email.

I am a connector. I love to connect with others and help them grow and realize the are special and powerful beyond measure. I want there to be more knowledge and laughter in the world because I was here.



A bi-weekly podcast where I talk about Tech Careers, Productivity, and Remote Work. En Español.

Latinos Who Tech

A 50 episode English- language podcast where I spoke with professionals from Google, Meta, Microsoft and many more companies.

It may return in the future.

Techies @ Orlando

A bi-weekly meetup that I host to connect remote workers in the Central Florida area.

Contact Me: [email protected]