How to Be an Ally to Women in STEM: Brianne C. Martin, Senior Manager for Membership Relations at the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)

In this episode, I spoke with Brianne C. Martin, Senior
Manager for Membership Relations at Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
(SHPE). Brianne is one of the most authentic persons I know. She has a passion
for career development and growth that is impossible to ignore. Brianne is a
mechanical engineer, musician, and speaker. She has extensive experience in
advanced manufacturing techniques and project management.

We spoke about why she chose mechanical engineering, what it
means to be an “ally” for others, how men become allies and advocates for women
that work in STEM, and how people can find their own values. Finally, we
discussed at length ideas of mansplaining, microaggressions, and how
micro-affirmations can help build a stronger team.

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* Brianne C. Martin

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