Life of a Program Manager: Yuri Ramirez, Technical Program Manager @ Intel

In this episode, I spoke with Yuri W. Ramirez, Puerto Rican, with a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Universidad de Puerto Rico, and an M.B.A. in Operations and Technology Management from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Once Yuri graduated, he came to the US in search of a Ph.D., and with the enthusiasm of knowing what the implications of the business were, he started taking business classes. He ended up with an M.B.A. in Operations and Technology Management.
Yuri is working as a Technical Program Manager at Intel and has been there for more than thirteen years. Yuri wants to bridge the gap between engineering and business, mediating and negotiating conflicts between people and organizations. He does managing through influence and cross-functional matrices organizations, with a focus on strategic development and execution. He is very active in the Intel LatinX Network and other professional organizations.
We spoke about engineering seen as depth versus M.B.A. seen as breadth, his Technical Program Manager role, and his approach to a conversation when trying to optimize somebody else’s product that isn’t good enough. We discussed if he manages any people, his leverage, and how he approaches it. We cover his purpose and jobs in the company, the reason why he has built a long career at Intel, and the difference between program management and project management.
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Mentioned Resources:

* Universidad de Puerto Rico* University of Wisconsin-Madison* Intel
* SHPE* Intel Latino Network

In this episode, we
talked about:

* 01:42 – Welcoming Yuri* 01:54 – About Yuri* 04:15 – Engineering seen
as depth versus M.B.A. seen as breadth* 06:57 – About a Technical
Program Manager role* 12:33 – Optimizing
somebody else’s product that isn’t good enough; how Yuri approaches the
conversation * 14:30 – Do you manage any
people right now?* 15:24 – Yuri’s leverage
and how he approaches it* 17:35 – Thirteen years at
Intel. Purpose and jobs in the company* 26:01 – Reasons why Yuri has
built a long career at Intel* 32:07 – Difference between
program management and project management, and last words to audience

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